The Beer

We work closely with Nebraska Brewers to provide them with the highest quality ingredients grown right here on the farm. In turn we bring you the finest craft beer brewed using locally sourced ingredients. 


With over 38 Nebraska Craft Breweries in operation and eight beers on tap, our beers and styles will rotate based on availability.  We make every effort to bring you an assortment.  Our taps will change, so ask your server what were pouring today.


We focus on serving you the best beer brewed in Nebraska sourced with local ingredients that might not be available anywhere else.


Our Tasting Room is a great way to get to know your Nebraska Craft Breweries and their beers. And you never know who might be at The Hop Yard visiting!

We also carry an assortment of package Craft Beer for sale. 

The Wine​

Featuring Nebraska wines crafted by Glacial Till Vineyard and Winery. Located southeast of Lincoln, Nebraska, in Otoe County, near the township of Palmyra.


Their name is founded on the terroir of where the grapes are grown.  We invite you to check out the terroir and taste quality Nebraska wines crafted by Glacial Till Vineyard & Winery. 


Their mission speaks for itself, “crafting unique and quality wines from the ground up.” 

The Distilled Spirits

We invite you to explore our handcrafted drinks poured with Brickway Brewery and Distillery Spirits.


Brickway makes a variety of spirits: Vodka, Gin, Cinnamon Whisky, Bourbon and most importantly, their American Single Malt Whisky.  

Nebraska Terroir

Terroir is influenced by the natural environment in which certain ingredients are grown. It's defined as the characteristic taste and flavor imparted by the environment in which an ingredient is produced.  Environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, influence the ingredients (Hops, Barley, Apples, Grapes, etc.) based on where they are grown.


This is what gives Nebraska Beer, Spirits, Cider and Wine that use locally sourced ingredients its unique characteristics, flavor and aroma.   All these factors add up to what they call the terroir of a region.

We invite you to check out the terrior and taste some of the finest Nebraska Beer, Spirits, Cider and Wine available.